Do you...

  • Feel unsure of how to deal with your child's challenging behaviors?
  • Have organizational or attention difficulties that make accomplishing goals and finishing tasks difficult?
  • Feel overwhelmed navigating the special education process, including pre- and post-referral, Individualized Education Programs and meetings, 504 plans, or classroom accommodations?
  • Think your child is having academic difficulties due to their behavior or an underlying issue with attention or organization?
  • Wish your child's teacher or school knew how to best work with your child?

We can help!

Educational Liaison services:  Commonly, we attend school meetings (including IEP meetings and 504 plan meetings) to provide support and expert advice for you and your child.  We work with both families and teachers in developing appropriate goals and tracking progress to ensure that your child is receiving the best education possible.  We also attend meetings for students not in special education who are struggling and advise parents on options to improve the outcomes for their children in school.  

Academic services:  We provide services to help students from Kindergarten through college who struggle with time-management, organization, attention, and study skills. 

Behavioral services for children: We offer in-home evaluations and tailor individualized intervention plans for challenging behaviors and help you and your family move forward.  

Adult services:  Adults who need help maximizing their performance at school, work, or in their personal lives choose us to assist in developing strategies that they can use on their own to overcome time-management, organizational, and attention issues.  Whether you have a formal ADHD diagnosis or feel that you are overwhelmed by work or school, we can help.   

Other services:  Please call or email if you have questions regarding services not listed - we would be happy to speak with you.