Adult Productivity Group

Set and reach your goals so that you can stop worrying and start taking care of business!


Do you...

  • Struggle to accomplish your goals or fulfill your responsibilities because you procrastinate, get side-tracked, or just can't seem to get started?  
  • Wake up at night worrying about deadlines?
  • Feel overwhelmed by demands and responsibilities?
  • Find yourself avoiding important tasks?
  • Need structure, accountability, and support?  

If you said, "YES!" to any of these, this is the group for you!  

This group will help you...

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment instead of nagging anxiety
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles so that you can reach your goals
  • Increase your efficiency so that you spend less time spinning your wheels and more time enjoying your life
  • Connect with and learn from others who are in the same boat
  • Replace old habits with new skills so that you can increase your productivity