IEP and 504 Advocacy Services:

As an educational advocate, I help ensure that your child is having their educational and behavioral needs fully met at school and that procedural safeguards - the protections in place for families and students - are being followed by the school.  I work collaboratively with school staff and families to maximize your child's success and to ensure that your child's education is appropriate.  In this role, I can provide the following:

  • Document review and input (Individualized Educational Programs/Plans, 504 documents, test results, school behavior plans)

  • Attendance, expert advice, and support at meetings (IEPs, 504s, referral, teacher conference)

  • Classroom observations, including Functional Behavior Assessments

  • Behavioral consulting with teachers and school staff - developing, and teaching behavior management plan implementation, including progress monitoring

  • Data collection design and implementation instructions for parents and teachers for monitoring progress towards goals

  • Teacher training

Behavioral and Academic Services:

I can help you address both academic and non-academic behaviors that are keeping  your child from reaching his or her potential.  I have experience working with students from Kindergarten through college with a range of abilities and disabilities (including autism, ADHD, specific learning disabilities, executive function deficits, and intellectual disability).  In this role, I can provide solutions and strategies to address the following:

  • Challenging or difficult behaviors

  • Executive function

  • Communication skills

  • Time-management, organizational, or attention difficulties

  • Academic and study skills

  • Conceptual gaps or hurdles (i.e., subjects or material that your child has difficulty understanding)

  • In-school consultation and intervention to address behavioral and academic needs

Adult Services:

If you are having difficulty at work or school due to issues with attention, organization, or time-management, I offer individualized and group assistance to help get you back on track.

Other Services:

There are many situations not listed above where we can provide services.  Please call or email to see if we can help you.